A r t i s t  S t a t e m e n t

Starting with 35mm and evolving to 120mm has taught me to have patience in the process. It’s challenging working with film. There isn’t the instant gratification that digital might offer. The images in my selected portfolio were documented on film. in the projects i had made you can find portraiture, documentary, conceptual and editorial work. I spent my beginnings developing a consistent style and set of skills,  inspiring in my own work as well, learning to appreciate and surround by the details that are around us. One of my big influences when i started to make photography was the photographer Cary fagan, who has inspired me to take the challenge and learn how to appreciate the process, through his photography. It’s a learning process. I began shooting projects one per week to be more efficient and improve my ideas and abilities. all the things, colors, compositions that you see in my photographies everything becomes from the things that i live, dreams, memories, music, human emotion and human interaction. now i think i really improve my abilities and Shooting both, digital and analog take me to appreciate every format to create a definition of a real photography. I still making mistakes and learning of every single thing and detail that happens around.


B i o g r a p h y

louis fernando cota, an upcoming graduate of marketing from the University of Tec milenio in guadalajara, mx, is a photographer and visual artist. Born in 1995 in Obregon, sonora, mx. he later moved to guadalajara to finish school and start making photography. in the last semesters of school Louis developed an interest in the arts and photography. In 2015, he purchased his first film camera inspired by images he saw online. He spent months learning techniques, reading and passing the process of "try and failure" every week he made a personal project with friends of his circle. he started working in guadalajara in some publicity agencies. he introduced himself into fashion thanks to the projects that start making with the creative studio cananea, thanks to those works, little by little he is being published in different digital magazines of the world, beginning to know and work with people who have learned a lot. his plans right now are to move to new york and start this interesting adventure...


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louis f. cota [b. 1995] photo 1 by alexis Barco. photo 2 by dania trejo.